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RFS: bfc

bfc still remains one of the best optimising compilers for the language
brainfuck.  Its code is messy, but it works.

Package: bfc
Architecture: any
Description: Compiler and interpreter for brainfuck
 Brainfuck is an esoteric language with lots of tradition.  This package
 contains the traditional C interpreter and a "new" compiler, which does
 many nice optimisations.

License: own BSD-like (two-clause), some parts in the public domain

Where to get it:

personal contact:	panu.kalliokoski@helsinki.fi, +35841 5323835
technical contact:	atehwa@iki.fi, http://www.iki.fi/atehwa/
PGP fingerprint:	0EA5 9D33 6590 FFD4 921C  5A5F BE85 08F1 3169 70EC

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