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Re: Linking file types and apps

Hi Miriam,

I am not a specialist to answer your question concisely and
complete but I just want to suggest the logic I would follow... 

I recall that dia package introduces such new kind of files, and it is
very popular, thus must have such an association setup correctly. Here
is the step of action I do

> apt-get source dia
> cd dia-0.94.0/
> find -iname \*desktop\*
> less dia.desktop.in 
[Desktop Entry]
_Comment=Diagram editor
> ls debian/*mime*
4 debian/dia-gnome.mime  4 debian/dia.mime
> grep desktop debian/*
debian/changelog:  * Added dh_desktop call to debian/rules (Closes:
debian/changelog:  * Set GNOME desktop category (closes: #148816,
debian/rules:   dh_desktop -i
debian/rules:   dh_desktop -a
> grep mime debian/*
debian/changelog:  * debian/: Added MIME handler with dh_installmime for dia and dia-gnome
debian/rules:   dh_installmime -i
debian/rules:   dh_installmime -a

May be it is not complete - as I said I never have done it - but at
least it gives some hints about how to figure out on how to deal with
.desktop and .mime for your application :-)

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