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Re: Finding dependencies

On Tue, Feb 21, 2006 at 03:54:02PM +0530, Niranjan Nayak wrote:
>  Hi
>     to all
>          I am building the  debian of my kde projcet   . I have some doubts;
>          How can I find the dependencies for a package ? Is there
>        any "hack" ? If any what is that and how I will use that one .
Dependencies are everything a package needs to run.  In many cases,
the list is composed solely of the needed shared libraries (objdump -p
./foo |grep -w NEEDED).  Note that this is a *generated* list .. you
don't want to have to write it manually.  Instead, spend your time
getting the build-dependencies right, and debhelper will create the
runtime dependency list for you.

Note that mapping from soname, as displayed by objdump, to packagename
is done by using the shlibs files provided by shared library packages;
see /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.shlibs

You might manually add other things to the dependencies, though; for
example, if the postinst script uses some nonessential package, you
need to depend on it.  Another good reason is if you require a certain
version of a package, as in (foo >= 1.2.3).

Note that build-dependencies are not supposed to rely on indirect
dependencies; building in pbuilder doesn't guarantee that indirect
deps are listed.  One technique for finding these is to grep for
included headers, something like grep -r '^#include <' . |sort -u


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