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Re: Finding dependencies

On Tuesday 21 February 2006 11:24, Niranjan Nayak wrote:
>  Hi
>     to all
>          I am building the  debian of my kde projcet   . I have some
> doubts;
>          How can I find the dependencies for a package ? Is there
>        any "hack" ? If any what is that and how I will use that one .
>  All help will be greatly appriciated .
> Thanks


Thanks for your interest in Debian, you are welcome :)
I think your program is arch-dependent, for example written in C++ (as most of 
the KDE packages).
Then in your debian/control you have for example this line:

Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}

During the build with the right debhelper tools (please also read the good 
manual page of every debhelper tools they are good documented) 
${shlibs:Depends} will become the right shared library dependencies against 
your program is linked.
In this case the debhelper tool dh_shlibdeps in your debian/rules will do the 
job for you.
But there are also other tools which you have to use by other packages, 
sometimes it is also useful to see how other maintainers did the job and 
learning from them.
Anyway checking if your dependencies are correct by installing it somewhere 
and making enough tests is always a good idea ;)


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