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Re: change in a package name

And add an Epoch for the Version Numbering if needed :D

Ricardo Mones wrote:
>   Hi Tommaso,
> On Fri, 10 Feb 2006 18:31:53 +0100
> Tommaso Moroni <moronito@debian.org> wrote:
>> A Debian user some time ago sent me a script very similar to mrename
>> (which I maintain). 
>> This new script is backward-compatible with the old one, and has some
>> new features too. 
>> If I want to package the new script, is it better to choose a
>> different name (something like mrename-ng) or keep the same?
>   Keep same package name and add the new script. Rename the old
> script to "mrename-old" or similar if you want to keep it around, but
> there is no need for a new package IMHO.
>   regards,

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