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Re: RFC/RFS: PyKaraoke

 --- Joe Wreschnig <piman@sacredchao.net> escribió:

> Some issues:
> Your debian/control should not depend directly on "python", but use
> "${python:Depends}" and call dh_python in its binary-indep target. You
> also need to Build-Depend on Python.

I did that in one of my packages, which I co-maintain, that is written in
python, and it was converted to something similar to what i did this time.
Which is the best approach and why?

> You patch the upstream source in a number of places. The reasons seem
> good, but you also moved the cdgBorderPreset function which makes the
> diff unnecessarily hard to check. Also,
> "self.FileName[len(self.FileName)-1]" is much clearer as just
> "self.FileName[-1]". If you haven't sent the changes upstream, you
> probably should.

To be honest, I reported some bugs after trying the package to upstream and it
was him who sent me the patches.

> debian/copyright lists the authors and the license, but does not have a
> proper copyright notice. Looking at the source, it seems to be
> "Copyright (C) 2005  Kelvin Lawson (kelvinl@users.sourceforge.net)". The
> source also specifies LGPL 2.1, but debian/copyright says LGPL 2.

Thanks, I'll fix that :) I should have checked it, it was the default template
created with dh_make --copyright lgpl slightly changed.

> Once these are fixed, I would be happy to sponsor this.

Thanks, I'll email you when it's ready :)

> Just a warning (for you and upstream, if you didn't know) -- Pygame's
> MPEG support, and pygame.mixer.music in general, are both very flakey.

I didn't know. Anyway I guess it will improve :) I didn't have any problems
playing my karaoke files back anyway.


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