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Re: How to dpatch a file inside a tarball inside an .orig.tar.gz?

Am Sonntag, den 12.02.2006, 20:01 +0100 schrieb Marc Haber:

> The eximdoc4 source package is built from two upstream tarballs, one
> with the texinfo docs and one with the html docs. To massage this into
> Debian source package format, the two upstream .tar.bz2 tarballs are
> tar.gz'ed together to form eximdoc4_foo.tar.gz.
> It has now shown to be necessary to apply patches to the upstream
> docs. I would like to use dpatch for that.

Could you also write a bug-report for dpatch? This is a feature I also
miss and I would of course support such a request.

> Which approach is the most promising and least ugly?
> (1)
> Have a 01_unpack.dpatch file which doesn't patch, but unpack the
> upstream tarballs?

IMO a possible workaround.

> (2)
> Transform the "Debian upstream tarball" (which is locally built anyway
> to include the two upstream tarballs in unpacked form? The tar.gz will
> be much bigger then since bz2 compression is rather effective on the
> text docs.

That's of course a solution that works with dpatch.

> (3)
> Modify debian/rules to first unpack, second patch, third build?

Does work in the real build process, but not for dpatch-edit-patch,w
hich does not work like this. It only makes a copy of the working
directory, then runs the clean target in this copy and then makes again
a copy, which is your new work-directory. You would have to add an
unpack target to the clean target, which is probably not a good idea.

> Is there a package which does this and can be taken as a template?

patch. Then you can move it to dpatch format. The only problem is, that
you cannot create patches with dpatch-edit-patch. 

Regards, Daniel

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