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non-PIC problem

Hi all,

I'm trying to get synfig (http://www.synfig.com) into debian, and there
is one last issue before I start harassing my sponsors/co-maintainers to
upload it.

Lintian complains about shlib-with-non-pic-code on one of the plugins,
and the main lib. I think the problem with the plugin is that it
statically links against libavcodec-dev and libavformat-dev (which don't
have associated shared libraries). Would it be ok to ignore/override
this error for this plugin?

I've searched the build logs and the only object file compiled without
-fPIC is the embedded copy of libltdl statically linked into the
library. Does anyone have any advice for how to fix this? Is this going
to require autoconf/automake changes? What solution should I pursue with
upstream that will allow them to keep the libltdl copy for platforms
where it is needed? More information for this can be found in the
pkg-synfig svn repo, and I've uploaded the latest svn stuff here:




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