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Re: debug packages?

* Paul Wise [Mon, 30 Jan 2006 22:18:07 +0800]:

> Hi all,

> I'm packaging a C++ app that has packages like this:

> foo         - binary using the library
> libfoo0     - the library itself
> libfoo0-dev - headers and so on
> libfoo0-doc - docs for the library

> I'd like to add a package for debug information, since the app crashes
> occasionally. Should I add a libfoo0-dbg or foo-dbg package containing
> debug info for the lib and the app? or should I create separate
> libfoo0-dbg and foo-dbg packages? I'm inclined to think that creating
> just libfoo0-dbg with debug info for both the binary and is the right
> way to go, since there is also a gui in another package, which uses the
> library, therefore more people will just have the library than normal.

  As long as it's only one -dbg package, I'd say that both names are ok.
  Though now that, thanks to debhelper v5, it's easy to create -dbg
  packages with symbols from multiple binary packages, I'd favour
  ${source}-dbg for those. Remember to make it Prio: extra, Section:

> Secondly, is dh_strip -k the right way to do this?

  By my reading of the manpage, this will keep debug symbols, and ship
  them in the _same_ package. I think what you want is:

    % echo 5 >debian/compat
    % dh_strip --dbg-package=foo-dbg


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