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Re: Re-libtooling + automake

Hi Martin,

Martin Meredith wrote:
> I do know of this - but looking for a solution for now so I dont have to go
> down that road unless absolutely neccesary :d (for example - the lsdiff |
> touch -r)	
Well, probably the best solution is to get upstream to put in the

Seriously, AM_MAINTAINER_MODE and touch are the two solutions documented
in autotools-dev README.Debian. It's probably best to stick to those (or
file a bug with patch to update the README.Debian), if only for the sake
of clarity should someone else need to look at / touch your packages.[1]
The autotools stuff is subtle enough as it is.

Kind regards


1. This is similar in spirit to the discussion of patching systems and
   packaging aids that took place on planet Debian some time ago.
Thomas Viehmann, http://thomas.viehmann.net/

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