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[Update] Re: What to do if the upstream keeps debian directory in original tarball?

On Tuesday 24 January 2006 13:14, Stan Vasilyev wrote:
> I have a situation with a Debian package xdialog:
> http://packages.qa.debian.org/x/xdialog.html
> The upstream author, Thierry Godefroy <xdialog@free.fr>, insists on keeping
> the debian changes inside the upstream tarball, orig.tar.gz. This
> complicates the development process. First of all, when he makes a new
> version of xdialog, he sends it to the Debian maintainer (me). I then have
> to make changes to the debian directory and send him the changes. Finally,
> he releases the new upstream with Debian changes already included.

From the last e-mail I got from Thierry it looks like he wants to make a 
compromise. Since I annoyed him so much with my e-mails, he proposed to start 
releasing Xdialog in two versions: Xdialog-version.tar.bz2 file with debian 
directory and Xdialog-version.orig.tar.gz without the debian directory. Is 
that such a good idea?

At this point he thinks that Debian developers are a bunch of political 
fanatics who only care about the holy Debian Policy Manual and don't care 
about other distros. Oh, misunderstandings...

Stan Vasilyev

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