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Re: create password in postinst

On Thu, Jan 26, 2006 at 07:04:33PM +0100, Daniel Knabl wrote:

> > file:///usr/share/doc/debian-policy/
> > policy.html/ch-maintainerscripts.html#s-mscriptsinstact
> Hm, I do understand that this is a very important and critical part of
> the policy. But, due to my non-perfect English, it's hard to get the
> meaning of some terms into my head. At least for me. If there was just
> a German version of this file ... but let's have a guess/try:

English too, but with nice flow charts:
> Future versions should be able to handle the existance of the database.
> One way to do this would be using debconf's database, wouldn't it? The
> other way is to simply ask the user, but that could be a bore. So let's
> take the debconf way.

I try it again: have a look at wwwconfig-common or dbconfig-common.
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