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Re: ITP vexim

Einst schrieb Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt <he@debian.org>:

>* Doesn't build in my pbuilder chroot


Neither in mine ... :/

>* Instead of setting an insecure default password and warning the admin
>  about it, you could like ... ask for a secure password with debconf.


To explain: this is not the password for the mysql user, instead it is
the password for the "virtual" siteadmin (inside vexim). Please see
next part.

>* You do a whole lot of stuff in your postinst/configure. Now, please
>  remind yourself that configure is also called for upgrades. This
>  leads to some interesting things ... like you resetting the password
>  to a random one every time.

I have changed the behavior of the script, so that it will no
longer just overwrite the backup. But still I'm seeking for a good
solution to get the MD5 hash for the password. Until there is no
possibility to get this done, I can not simply change the password in
the SQL dump.

Any other weird things in the script? I assume, if you have time to,
you will have a look at the "new" files. :)

>* postinst is sometimes called with other values (*not* only
>  configure). Though these are perfectly OK, your postinst script will
>  fail.

Could you describe what you exactly think about? (so that I can imagine
what would happen ... and learn from this)

All of the other (many) things you told me in the mail some days ago
have been fixed. At least it seems so. BTW i love linda :) and lintian, 
especially, because they do not complain about anything right now ...

For some really nice and good translations there's someone already
working on them; for gods sake, I don't have to do this too ...

Now I now quite more about the Policy Manual, New Maintainer's Guide,
Debian Mentors ... and I've already registered with sponsors.debian.net.

Thanks for your time and patience

Daniel Knabl              http://www.tirolinux.net
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