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Re: RFC sim-im (Simple Instant Messenger)

On Mon, Dec 26, 2005 at 12:45:07PM +0300, Nikolay Shaplov wrote:
> The source of the sim package is here:
> http://shaplov.ru/files/sim/sim_0.9.3.svn133.orig.tar.gz
> http://shaplov.ru/files/sim/sim_0.9.3.svn133-1.diff.gz
Consider using debhelper v5.

Consider adding copyright notices to ./debian/rules and
./debian/copyright with your name and years of the names of previous
maintainers and contributors who have worked on the Debian packaging.

Consider removing commented lines from ./debian/rules

CFLAGS and INSTALL_PROGRAM seem to be unused.

--- sim-0.9.3.svn133.orig/debian/sim.3
Why not build-depend on help2man instead of including this in the

I don't see anything custom here, so I think this file can be deleted.
Debhelper tools can create the trivial maintscripts for you.

Consider using dh_makeshibs rather than a custom shlibs file:
  +	install -m644 debian/shlibs debian/sim/DEBIAN/shlibs

For that matter,

Do you actually want to provide shared libraries, anyway?  Are there
multiple binaries linked to said libraries, and is there a space
savings?  Or, do you intend to provide a stable ABI against which
other packages are allowed to depend?  If not, then I would suggest to
link statically, without -fPIC flags.

./debian/copyright: you seem to confuse copyright and license.  Please
see this thread: 
and this bug:

You might prefer to list the README on the commandline to
dh_installdocs, rather than use a separate file.

Sorry, but I'm not a DD, and so can't sponsor packages.

Clear skies,

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