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RFS: wammu, python-gammu, gammu - phone managing software

Hi all

I'm looking for a sponsor for gammu related packages. As I thing that
it would be better when all are handled by one sponsor, they're
all in this email. Most interesting for most users will be Wammu, which
is GUI for editing many things within mobile phone.

Related ITPs:

#326710: ITP: wammu -- Mobile Phone Manager
#326711: ITP: python-gammu -- Python module to communicate with mobile
#180632: ITP: gammu -- a cellular manager for various mobile phones and

All of those are under GNU/GPL.

Descriptions follow:

Package: gammu
Website: http://www.gammu.net   

Mobile phone management utility Gammu (GNU All Mobile Management
Utility) is program to manage mobile phone. . Gammu can do such things
with cellular phones as making data calls, updating the address book,
changing calendar and ToDo entries, sending and receiving SMS messages,
loading and getting ring tones and pictures (different types of logos),
synchronizing time, enabling NetMonitor, managing WAP settings and
bookmarks and much more. Functions depend on the phone model.  

Package: python-gammu
Website: http://www.cihar.com/gammu/python  

Python module to communicate with mobile phones This provides gammu
module, that can work with any phone Gammu supports - many Nokias,
Siemens, Alcatel, ...   

Package: wammu
Website: http://www.cihar.com/gammu/wammu  

Phone manager Mobile phone manager using Gammu as it's backend. It
works with any phone Gammu supports - many Nokias, Siemens,
Alcatel, ... Written using wxGTK.

All of them are available in my repository:

    deb http://debian.cihar.com/ unstable gammu
    deb-src http://debian.cihar.com/ unstable gammu

Or directly if you prefer manual download:


    Michal Čihař | http://cihar.com

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