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RFS: new package bbbike

Hello mentors,

I am the author of bbbike and created recently a debian package for

Short description: cyclists information system (Berlin/Germany) 

Long description:

BBBike is an information system for cyclists in Berlin and
Brandenburg (Germany). The application has the following

 * Display a map with streets, railways, rivers, parks,
   altitude and other features

 * Find and show routes between two points. The route-finder
   can be customized to match the cyclists preferences
   (fastest or nicest route, keep wind direction and hills
   into account etc.)

 * A bike power calculator

 * Automatically fetch current Berlin weather data

BBBike is under the terms of GPL. Parts of BBBike can additionally be
distributed under the terms of the Artistic License.

The source and debian packages can be found at Sourceforge:

There's already an RFP for bbbike:


Slaven Rezic - slaven <at> rezic <dot> de
  BBBike - route planner for cyclists in Berlin
  WWW version:                           http://www.bbbike.de
  Perl/Tk version for Unix and Windows:  http://bbbike.sourceforge.net

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