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Re: RFS - kde window decoration powder

On 2005-12-10, Justin Pryzby <justinpryzby@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
> Please add the years of copyright holding in ./debian/copyright.  Also


> consider adding, at least to ./debian/rules and ./debian/copyright, a
> phrase like "Modifications are a work of Sune Vuorela during the year
> 2005, and are hereby released into the public domain.

It is modified dh_make templates - and nothing else ?

> Uncomment unused things in ./debian/rules.

The only unused thing in rules is this:
     #docbook-to-man debian/kwin-style-powder.sgml >  kwin-decor-powder.1

But, okay, removed.

> You might prefer to list the README file as an argument to
> dh_installdoc rather than in ./debian/docs.

I think I like it better having it in debian/docs 

> Best wishes to find a sponsor.  Sorry, that I cannot sponsor you.

Thanks for your advice.

uploading new version while sending this - so it might be available in
some minutes ..


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