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Re: pbuilder and scons

Justin Pryzby wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 13, 2005 at 11:30:04AM -0500, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
>>That is awesome.  I have read many docs about make, but never knew that
>>the '-' at the beginning of the line caused make to ignore errors from
>>that command.  Maybe I have just overlooked it all this time.
> But please don't overuse it.  Granularity is a good thing here.
> -scons means that *every* error is ignored.  It would be much better
> to check for precisely what you need, possibly:
>   [ -e /usr/bin/scons ] && scons VERSION=$(VERSION) SKIPPLUGINS=System -c
> What you want to avoid is the case where execution of "scons" fails
> for some other reason.
> There was a recent discussion about this granularity in error
> checking, either on -devel list, or in a bug log (probably both); I
> forget the context, though.
> Anyway, pbuilder does what it does for a good reason.  Why subvert its
> intent?

I don't want to subvert it.  Simply, it is a nice thing to know.  There
are times when you would like to run a command, but you are nto so
concerned if the command fails or not.  It is just another tool in the
tool box.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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