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Re: pbuilder and scons

Claudio Moratti wrote:

> I'm working on a package that uses scons...
> everything goes fine but I find one problem: in order to clean the sources, 
> debian/rules calls 
> /usr/bin/scons -c
> but pbuilder don't try to install the Unmet build dependencies before the 
> "clean"...

As other people noted new and in old threads, this is because pbuilder
runs debian/rules clean outside the chroot. To work around it, put a '-'
in front of the scons -c line in debian/rules, so that make ignores any
errors from that line. An example from one of my packages:

clean: unpatch
        -scons VERSION=$(VERSION) SKIPPLUGINS=System -c
        -rm -rf .sconf_temp .sconsign.dblite SCons/Tools/crossmingw.pyc build config.log .test



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