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Re: RFS: sysinfo -- simple GNU/Linux program that displays computer/system information

On Wed, 7 Dec 2005, Frank Küster wrote:

Mario Iseli <mario@marioiseli.com> wrote:

  * Initial Debian Release (Closes: 333680)
This makes no sense, it is a debian package so the "debian" can be
ommited, the rest is ok.

If Adriaan previously published deb packages in his local repository, it
might well make sense to speak of an initial Debian release.

This raises a question. If I have been packaging some software for some time and finally decide to get it into Debian, should I wipe out the entire changelog, remove any epochs that might have been used, etc?

My guess is yes because one would not want to imply that there were previous versions in the Debian archives. Any thoughts?



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