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Re: RFS: cdrbq -- graphical cd burning frontend

On Sat, 2005-12-03 at 11:24 -0800, Russ Allbery wrote:
> I actually think I misunderstood, since I came into this discussion in the
> middle.  Upstream renamed cdrtoaster to cdrbq?  If the plan is to remove
> cdrtoaster from Debian in favor of cdrbq, alternatives (or diversions)
> aren't the right choice.  Those are both for cases where two packages need
> to coexist for the indefinite future, providing alternative
> implementations of the same functionality.
> If cdrbq is the replacement for cdrtoaster, I'd create a cdrtoaster
> transitional package from the cdrbq source package that contains just the
> symlink and maybe a NEWS entry telling people that cdrtoaster is now cdrbq
> and they should start using cdrbq and can then remove the cdrtoaster
> package.  And make that transitional package depend on cdrbq.  After the
> next stable release, you can remove the transitional package.

Okey, the package cdrbq is ready now, later i'll build a dummy package
(depending on cdrbq) to fix the problems with upgrading. Would be nice
if someone would upload cdrbq now to archive, the dummy package will
follow in some days.

URL: http://server01.marioiseli.com/~mario/dpkgs/cdrbq/


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