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Re: RFS: cdrbq -- graphical cd burning frontend

On Sat, Dec 03, 2005 at 05:25:29PM +0100, Mario Iseli wrote:
> On Sun, 2005-11-27 at 22:23 -0500, Justin Pryzby wrote:
> > Are there reasons not to maintain cdrtoaster instead (even if using
> > the new package "cdrbq" under the old name)?
> Ehm yes, the reason is simple: cdrbq is newer and has more features,
> cdrtoaster was COMPLETELY overworked. cdrtoaster has not so many
> functions like cdrtools
> > At least, I would suggest to Provide: cdrtoaster, and provide a
> > /usr/bin/ symlink somehow.  I think Provides will cause users to
> > transparently upgrade to cdrbq if cdrtoaster is eventually removed.
> Yes, here we got the same oppinion. I did it.
Okay, great.  One thing:

+		ln -s /usr/bin/cdrbq /usr/bin/cdrtoaster

This line is not idempotent; it will fail the second time around.  My
first though was to propose:

  ln -sf cdrbq /usr/bin/cdrtoaster

But it will overwrite a cdrtoaster binary!  This is more correct:

  [ -e /usr/bin/cdrtoaster ] || ln -s cdrbq /usr/bin/cdrtoaster

This will only make a symlink if cdrtoaster isn't installed.  But is
there a way to make the symlink if cdrtoaster is installed, and then
gets removed??  This is probably a job for the alternatives system.

Clear skies,

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