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Re: ppower4, java, and texive packages

Hi Rogério!

On Fre, 02 Dez 2005, Rogério Brito wrote:
> > I have decided to kick it out of texlive completely, as the sources of
> > the jar file are not provided. And I cannot go after the sources.
> I think that I can ask the original author (again) to provide the
> sources.

You have to if you want to package it ;-)

> Would you be interested in team-maintaining ppower4 this in alioth? I
> think that team maintainance is the modern way to properly maintain
> packages in a distribution.

Create a pkg there, and add me to the list of people with svn access. I
will go through the stuff and see what I can improve. No problem with
me. preining-guest is my account.

Best wishes


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