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Re: RFS: tex4ht


Upstream has made available a newer version fixing all
except wishlist/minor bugs.

 	Package: tex4ht
 	Version: 20051122.2010-1
 	License: LPPL
 	Description: LaTeX and TeX for Hypertext (HTML)
 	 TeX4ht is a highly configurable TeX-based authoring system for producing
 	 hypertext. It interacts with TeX-based applications through style files and
 	 postprocessors, leaving the processing of the source files to the native TeX
 	 compiler. Consequently, TeX4ht can handle the features of TeX-based systems
 	 in general, and of LaTeX in particular.
 	 TeX4ht can be used both for authoring HTML using TeX/LaTeX input files, or
 	 for converting existing TeX input files (in any format) into HTML, with
 	 (usually) only minor modifications.  Other varieties of hypertext can also be
 	 produced, including XML, XHTML, MathML and the Openoffice.org format of XML.
 	 There are a number of different ways to convert glyphs and graphics
 	 in the DVI files into PNG, GIF or JPEG. The default is to use dvipng.
 	 Alternatives using ghostscript, imagemagick, netpbm and/or pstoedit are
 	 also possible.
 	 Homepage: http://www.cse.ohio-state.edu/~gurari/TeX4ht/



 	Other info: 1. The package is lintian clean.
 		2. I am the non-DD maintainer of this package.

Thanks and regards,


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