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Re: ttf's in a game package

On Wed, Nov 23, 2005 at 02:48:43AM +0100, Alexander Schmehl wrote:

> Split of 88KB (ppracer contains only that single font file, no
> more), to depend on a 2.4MB package diesn't sound usefull to me.
> Any other opinion?
Lintian isn't suggesting to split your package into 2, of course.  It
is suggesting to make your package Depend on the relevant font
package, rather than including a duplicate font.  In the case that the
person installing your package doesn't want any of the other fonts
installed, yes, its 2MB wasted.  OTOH consider someone who may already
have that font package installed; there isn't any reason for them to
have 2 copies of FreeSansBoldOblique.ttf..

The elegant solution IMHO is to introduce the dependency, and not
include the font in your package.

Clear skies,

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