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Question about skim.

Hello dear Mentors,
 I am a scim user but I am also a KDE fan so I need the skim package. 
I noticed that skim is preparation for more than a year now, so I guess its 
current maintainer forget it. Is there a way I may be sponsored for packaging 
an up-to-date version of skim ?
I can't find the e-mail address of the current maintainer, I only saw the 
names of Mr Osamu Aoki and Mr Christoph Berg but none of them seem to be the 

I also have another question, I am currently under sarge I can't afford to 
have a broken distribution because I use sarge for my work.
I have two solutions, the first one is to install both sarge and sid but this 
is a dirty work, I am also thinking about making the packages in a chrooted 
environnement but I have never done that so far.
Can you give some advice please ?

Thanks for your help.
   Marbrier Sébastien.

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