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Re: RFS: ksudoku -- sudoku puzzle generator/solver

On Saturday 12 November 2005 18:17, Ryan Schultz wrote:
> Upstream wasn't very vigorous about editing the KDevelop defaults, I see
> :- ) I've written a new Desktop file; I'll include it in the package for
> now and send it upstream as well. I went with a simpler description so I
> could reuse the translations from other KDE games.

The translations are... interesting. A description which refers to the real 
nature of ksudoku might have been better.

> New revision uploaded. We should be ready to go now! :- D

You will hardly believe it... your package has just been uploaded.

One thing which I'd like to ask to to keep investigating. The menu item now 
shows up in K/Games. But it's the only games which does not appear in
K/Games/Arcade or K/Games/BoardGames. What I mean is that all other games 
are in submenus - just ksudoku is not. I'm not sure whether the LogicGame 
category is unsupported. Since we didn't get any help here please ask in 
debian-devel. I'll upload a new revision once this is sorted out. Please 
contact me for updates.

Thanks for your contribution.

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