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Re: All files are in DESTDIR but non will be copied into the packages

Timo Steuerwald:
> >Timo Steuerwald:
> >>I try to create packages for sipX from sipfoundry.org. This is a PBX 
> >>like asterisk and is composed of a few subprojects like sipXportLib, 
> >>sipXtackLib...
> >>I now tried to create a package for sipXportLib.
> >Firstly, you should know that ./debian/tmp/ was the install directory
> >for old versions of debhelper.  Nowadays its ./debian/$package/.  It
> >shoulds like this is working the way it should be, but you should
> >check that ./debian/dh_compat exists and contains a "4".

> Hmmh, $package doesn't work for me. I've searched the archive and have 
> seen that DH_COMPAT should be IMHO a environment variable inside the 
> rules file (e.g. 
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2001/04/msg00011.html). I have 
> defined it and set to 4
It _used to_ be the case that it was an environment variable set (and
exported) by ./debian/rules, but then people realized that under this
configuration, debhelper would behave differently when run by the
makefile than it would when run manually (for testing, debugging,
etc.).  So debhelper was modified to look at ./debian/compat (with
DH_COMPAT as an override).

I guess you can still use export DH_COMPAT=4, which makes ./debian/
cleaner IMHO, but you have to remember to set that variable when
manually running dh_* commands..

Clear skies,

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