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Re: dpatch & upstream source

On 2 November 2005 15:54, Darren Salt wrote:

> Use lsdiff (in patchutils) to find out if a patch is in the wrong place:
>   $ lsdiff -z ../foo_1.2.3-4.diff.gz | grep -v /debian/
> You can move the offending patches into a file in debian/patches/ with
> filterdiff and dpatch-edit-patch:
>   $ filterdiff -zx '*/debian/*' ../foo_1.2.3-4.diff.gz | patch -Rp1
>   $ dpatch-edit-patch 99_bar
>   $ filterdiff -zx '*/debian/*' /proc/$PPID/cwd/../foo_1.2.3-4.diff.gz |
> patch -p1 $ exit
> All that remains is to update the list of patches and to rebuild...

Thank you for that advice.  I'm sure that will be useful for me in the future.

I've used patchutil's splitdiff and combinediff to make dpatch'es out of the 
content of the .diff file.  It worked great.

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