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Re: [RFC/RFS] adm8211-source - driver for ADMtek wifi card

> If hotplug is mandatory, then it's mandatory for firmware loading, not
> for actual module installation. ie. modprobe can load the module as
> easily as hotplug, but modules using firmware_class (which should be
> all of the drivers that need non-DFSG firmware) call hotplug or some
> other firmware-loading userland agent to get their firmware

adm8211 doesn't requires firmware. And as you and Eduard Bloch suggested, hotplug/udev isn't mandatory - I finally managed to get it working without. No change required - I don't know what I missed last time. Maybe just a few hours of sleep...

A new version of adm8211-source is available at http://web.ncf.ca/jmranger/adm8211/ which now declares (hotplug | udev) as Recommends instead of Depends.

The [RFC/RFS] tag is still valid :)



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