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Re: handling of duplicate bts entries

On Fri, Oct 21, 2005 at 08:42:57PM -0400, Jean-Marc Ranger wrote:
> What's the correct way to handle duplicate entres in bugs.debian.org ? 
> Merge ?  Personal feeling would be to close one immediately while 
> providing a link somehow.
This is largely up to the maintainer.  If they are actually
*duplicates* (as in this case) I can't see any reason not to close one
of them (probably with a message: "closing one of duplicate bugs; #x,
#y", to be parsed by the submitter).  If someone submits a new bug,
and you immediately notice it, then it makes sense to close it,
pointing them to the pre-existing bug (assuming they add no new
information).  If you don't notice it immediately, its not as nice to
close one, because then one of the people might think that their bug
is actually fixed.  Also, more people might have added information,
such that there is disjoint information in both bug logs.. 

> And BTW, if some can explain what happened, I'd be glad to learn !
Not sure.  You might ask owner@bugs.d.o.  If you look at the full-text
log for initial receipt of #333562, you'll see that it took a much
longer route; possibly a different SMTP entry:

  bugs.debian.org mail is handled by 0 bugs.debian.org.
  bugs.debian.org mail is handled by 5 gluck.debian.org.

Clear skies,

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