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RFS: hibernate

Hi all,

My usual sponsor can no longer upload for me as he has tendonitis.  Is
anyone else willing to upload a new release of hibernate for me?  It's
a relatively small package.

Package: hibernate
Description: activates your computer's suspend functionality
 This package provides a way to activate the suspend functionality in
 the kernel.  Currently it supports anything using the /sys/power/state
 interface (including ACPI suspend and the in-kernel software
 suspend), as well as Software Suspend 2 (which is available as a
 separate kernel patch).
 Hibernate can take care of loading and unloading modules, various
 hacks needed to get some video cards to resume properly under X,
 restarting networking and system services.  It can be extended by
 writing new "scriptlets" which run at different parts of the suspend

Packages are at http://cp.yi.org/apt/hibernate/



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