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Re: Overriding over Linda/Lintian

On Tue, Oct 18, 2005 at 02:13:16PM -0400, -.JavaManiac.- wrote:
> Hello.
> Im packaging urlgfe,an some others,when i run Linda over the package
> it gives me 2 warnings about shared libraries,here is the output
> linda -Di *.changes
> W: urlgfe; Shared object /usr/bin/urlgfe is linked with version 0.9.8
> and 0.9.7 of libcrypto.
>  The binary object shown above links against 2 versions of the same
>  shared library. This means your package may require conflicting
>  packages to be installed at the same time, and is therefore
>  uninstallable, or the binary may not work. This may also be ignored if
>  versioned symbols are being used in both libraries.
> W: urlgfe; Shared object /usr/bin/urlgfe is linked with version 0.9.8
> and 0.9.7 of libssl.
> how can i override the warnings,and/or add the override to the package??
Are you sure thats what you want to do?  Of course lintian is trying
to avoid you making a mistake (one which, in this case, I think would
likely cause segfaults).

If overriding lintian is really correct in this situation, then you
should also try to determine why lintian is giving you a warning which
it should apparently not be giving you, and detail the situation in
bugs to the appropriate packages.

You can include a lintian override (I don't know about linda) by
including a file in the package called /usr/share/lintian/overrides/
in the format of the lintian (linda?) warnings .. and also in the
format of the files from other packages which you probably already
have in that location.  You probably want to keep the override in
./debian/ somewhere, and use ./debian/urlgfe.install + dh_install in
./debian/rules to install it to that location (though /usr/bin/cp and
/usr/bin/install are also fine).

Clear skies,

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