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RFS: b2evolution -- a multilingual, multiuser, multi-blog engine

Hello all,

i'm currently trying to find a sponsor for b2evolution (ITP bug #330178).

Package name	: b2evolution
License		: GPL
Description 	: a multilingual, multiuser, multi-blog engine

b2evolution (http://b2evolution.net) is a classy news and weblog tool
 * Instant blogging (no rebuilding necessary)
 * Multiple users, authors and blogs with a single installation
 * Supports themes and plugins
 * Mobile blogging supported (via e-mail, MMS or a client tool)
 * Integrated anti-spam
 * Localized in more than 25 languages.

As the use of blog engine becomes more common these days, i think this one
has its place in Debian. The fact that several blogs, each with multiple
authors and users comes with the default install makes it a powerful tool.

The package (b2evolution_0.9.1b-2) seems to be almost lintian clean (a
single warning about po-debconf). You can find what i have prepared in the
mentors.debian.net repository :
- via apt-get :
  deb-src http://mentors.debian.net/debian unstable main contrib non-free
- directly :

As a side note, i have not used dbconfig-common and webapps-common in this
package, but that is planned in future versions...

Thanks in advance for your comments !

hoping that someone will agree to take the package under his wing...

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