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Re: [Long]I need some help to make a debian package.

Marbrier Sebastien wrote:
> Now I use dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot in the main directory.
> And the folowing lines tell me it tries to install files in /usr/local and 
> some permission are missing.
> make[1]: Entering directory `/home/sebast/test_pkg/blockrage-0.2.1'
> ./inst -dp 755 -t /usr/local/share/blockrage
> ./inst -dp 755 -t /etc/games/blockrage
> ./inst -dp 755 -fp 644 -t /usr/local/share/blockrage ./data/*
> installing /usr/local/share/blockrage/test
> installing /usr/local/share/blockrage/test/dataset.cfg
> cp: ne peut créer le fichier régulier 
> `/usr/local/share/blockrage/test/dataset.cfg': Permission non accordée

Upstream Makefile is configured to install things in /usr/local. You must make
it install everything in debian/blockrage/usr instead.

Perhaps calling ./configure with --prefix=debian/blockrage is sufficient. If
not, you should fix Makefile.in yourself and inform upstream.

Note that in the latter case you need to edit Makefile.in, since Makefile is
generated from it by ./configure

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