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rename build directory?

I use a software named icecast2.
it is already packaged, but I need special './configure' options to
enable a special feature.

I got the sources with 'apt-get source icecast2'

Well, it creates an 'icecast2-2.2.0' directory and it unpacks into it.
Now, I know 2.3.0 version is out.
I would like to use that last version too basing myself to the 2.2.0.

Have I got to rename the 'icecast2-2.2.0' directory?
I wget'ed the 2.3 tarball sources and then what? have I got to rename
The new maintainer guide did not really tell how to use an old (and
stable, i guess) debian package to make a bleeding edge one.

Of course, I could just stay with the same version and just modify the
configure options, but I really want the latest version, if possible,
and stay the closest to the official debian package.

Thank you for helping me!

I built the source package "as is", and it build without problems.

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