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Re: Request for "beta testers" for latex-cjk

On Tue, Oct 11, 2005 at 07:00:03PM -0400, Justin Pryzby wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 11, 2005 at 11:12:30PM +0200, Danai SAE-HAN wrote:
> > (UTF-8 encoding)
> > (I believe that Chinese characters in the From: field caused my email
> > to be blocked, except by debian-users-gb.)
> Don't think so..

I did get Danai's first mail on debian-chinese-gb, and it also reached
debian-chinese-big5 (delayed by moderation).  So it seems true that the
first mail got filtered on debian-mentors, not sure the reason though

> > 1. I have several subpackages, so each has its own directory in
> >    /usr/share/doc/.  I wish to centralize all docs, example files the
> >    changelog and the copyright file all in one single directory, id
> >    est /usr/share/doc/latex-cjk/.  (Those package from the latex-cjk
> >    source of course, not the extra Japanese and Korean font packages,
> >    since they use a different source each.)
> > 
> >    Do I just have to install them manually (put them in a .install
> >    instead of in a .docs file)?  And what about the changelog and
> >    copyright files?  They use the same source anyway.
> Every package must have at least /u/s/d/$p/copyright; it is valid if
> /u/s/d/$p is a symlink to some other package.  From policy 12.3:
> | `/usr/share/doc/<package>' may be a symbolic link to another directory
> | in `/usr/share/doc' only if the two packages both come from the same
> | source and the first package Depends on the second.[2]
> Although I don't know why you would do this, if you decide to use
> maintscripts to create that symlink, be sure to handle the case that
> /u/s/d/$p doesn't exist (because the local admin is allowed to rm -fr
> /u/s/d/).

I used to use dh_link to make a symlink from /u/s/d/$p1 to /u/s/d/$p2 at
build time.  I must have learned it from some other packages, though I
don't remember which.  Not sure if it can handle the case of missing
/u/s/d/$p1 though, the result should be a dangling symlink, I suppose.


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