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RFS: libpam-abl - PAM module to blacklist hosts/users with many login failures

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I just (err, over the last 4 or 5 days) created a (hopefully
standards-compliant) package for the pam_abl PAM module.

The pam_abl module provides a fully configurable way to automatically
blacklist users and/or hosts with many login failures within specified
intervals of time to be temporarily blacklisted, so that any subsequent
authentication attempt fails (without disclosing the attacker beeing
blacklisted). As the number of password guessing attacks on ssh servers
on the net has strongly grown in the past time, i think this is a useful
addition to security on hosts exposed to the net.

The package I built is lintian and linda clean, closes the ITP bug
#333081 filed by me and is available via
deb-src http://mentors.debian.net/debian unstable main
It is also listed at http://sponsors.debian.net/viewpkg.php?id=95

The original package is available from http://www.hexten.net/pam_abl/.
It is licensed with either a BSD-style license or GPL, at users option.
I already contacted the upstream author and got his approval to package
the pam_abl module for debian.

In an effort to make sure the package does what is intended and only
what is intended, I already inspected the source code and found it to be
clean, readable and unsuspicious. Of course, I also use the module on
different machines, and have encountered no problems so far.

I know the package is very security relevant, and as such, imposes some
more work from a potential sponsor, but I hope that someone is willing
to pick it up, as it might really be interesting for a relatively
wide-spread audience.

Thank you in advance

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