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Re: RFS aldo - A morse code trainer

On Sat, Oct 08, 2005 at 10:16:00AM +0200, Giuseppe Martino wrote:
> > - file an ITP bug and close it in debian/changelog
> Fixed
> > - the copyright information is incomplete - it misses e.g. the year number
> Fixed
> > - The TODO doesn't seem to have much of value for the end-user.
> Removed TODO
> I uploaded new package on mentors.debian.net

Very good. Found it.

I compared the original tarball to the *.orig.tar.gz that you uploaded.
It appears that you removed the TODO file from the orginal tarball. Please
don't change it unless you have to do that. My upload to Debian contains
the original tarball instead.

Your package has been uploaded and will hopefully appear in "unstable" soon.
Thanks for your contribution.

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