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Re: RFS: istanbul (revision -1)

Le Samedi 8 Octobre 2005 16:34, Luca Bruno a écrit :
> I put in this mail only the changelog, see [1] for info about ITP bug
> (#316503), description, etc.
> Please check and sponsor it.


Two small remarks:
-- I still don't understand why you still want to put a 0.1 version in your 
changelog. This can be removed without any hurt to anybody.
Furthermore, it is important to follow debian policy, because if some guys 
start to use NMU versions as 'non-ofiicial' release numbers, then it will 
become a total mess... 
What I mean is that for your own packages, you are free to do whatever you 
like, but if you want to upload it to debian it has to follow the policy and 
this is not the case...
-- The build dependency over libgstreamer-plugins0.8-dev is redondant with the 
one on libgtreamer0.8-dev:
Package: libgstreamer-plugins0.8-dev
Depends: libgstreamer-plugins0.8-0 (= 0.8.11-1), libc6-dev | libc-dev, 
pkg-config, libgstreamer0.8-dev

Good luck wwith your sponsoring!

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