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Re: RFS: GNU mcron, alternative cron, can run as normal user


I'm running on a up to date unstable.

David D. Smith wrote:
>  "Matthijs" == Matthijs Mohlmann <matthijs@cacholong.nl> writes:
> Hi Matthijs, thanks very much for your feedback :)
>   Matthijs> I tried to build it in pbuilder and there is a missing
>   Matthijs> dependency. It is recommended to use pbuilder to see if
>   Matthijs> you have all the dependencies in Build-Depends in
>   Matthijs> debian/control. ed and probably texinfo are missing.
> I also built it with pbuilder but it completed successfully. Is your
> base sarge? texinfo should not be required for the build because there
> is an included pre-generated info file in the upstream source. I'm
> using pbuilder 0.134 with a freshly built sid base.tgz.
I have the same version of pbuilder as you, also I have updated my
pbuilder and still the same result. See the log below:

checking libguile compile flags...
checking libguile link flags... -lguile -lguile-ltdl -lqthreads
-lpthread -lcrypt -lm
checking for Guile site directory... /usr/share/guile/site
checking for sed... sed
checking for head... head
checking for ed... no
configure: error: ed not found
make: *** [config.status] Error 1
pbuilder: Failed autobuilding of package
 -> Aborting with an error
 -> unmounting dev/pts filesystem
 -> unmounting proc filesystem
 -> cleaning the build env
    -> removing directory /var/cache/pbuilder/build//18527 and its

>   Matthijs>  Did you run lintian on it ? There is a warning and a
>   Matthijs>  error.
> Yes, I did run lintian, no warnings at all but that was with lintian
> From sarge. After installing lintian from sid I see the error and
> warning you are referring to old, the old fsf-address in the copyright
> file and not using the appropriate section for the info file. The
> warning can be ignored (I should include a lintian override for it)
> because the info file specifies its own section properly and it's not
> worth modifying the upstream build-system just to silence
> lintian. Good spot, thanks a lot. Fixed.
After that I updated your package so it builds with the texinfo
dependency everything was fine and no warning at all.

>   Matthijs>  You have in Recommands mail-transfer-daemon, shouldn't
>   Matthijs>  that be mail-transfer-agent ?
> Quite right. Fixed and re-uploaded.
Ok, then I wait for the dinstall run on mentors.debian.net

>   Matthijs> I am a bit worried about these things in the build log:
>   Matthijs> ./mkinstalldirs -m 'u=rwx' /var/cron mkdir -m u=rwx -p --
>   Matthijs> /var/cron ./mkinstalldirs -m 'u=rwx,og=rx' /var/run
>   Matthijs> ./mkinstalldirs -m 'u=rwx,og=rx' /usr/share/guile/site
>   Matthijs> mkdir -m u=rwx,og=rx -p -- /usr/share/guile/site
>   Matthijs> ./mkinstalldirs -m 'u=rwx,og=rx'
>   Matthijs> /usr/share/guile/site/mcron mkdir -m u=rwx,og=rx -p --
>   Matthijs> /usr/share/guile/site/mcron
>   Matthijs> You are installing these directories by doing
>   Matthijs> dh_installdirs. And also by this install target. And as I
>   Matthijs> see, I think the install target does it with hardcoded
>   Matthijs> paths and not relative to the debian directory.
> I also dislike it. I asked a few days ago about issues with guile site
> directory on -mentors and have yet to get a response but asuffield on
> #debian-devel suggested that I work around it in debian/rules rather
> than modifying upstream's build system specifically for Debian. The
> upstream author has been notified and has responded to me that there
> will be a new improved version before the end of December. I would
> like to continue discussion of this on my previous thread on
> -mentors.
You don't have to modify upstream source tarball. You can easily patch
it, so that it takes a relative dir. Look for example at the dpatch
patch system in debian.

>   Matthijs> As far as I can see only the postinst is used, why then
>   Matthijs> installing also postrm, preinst and prerm ?
> Because it is a daemon and debhelper fills those in appropriately with
> the right calls to invoke-rc.d.
I understand that, but still you don't need it there. Debhelper is
pretty clever to see when it needs to create a new post(inst,rm) or

>   Matthijs> Take also a look at the debhelper programs that you
>   Matthijs> use. There are some that are unneeded for example:
>   Matthijs> dh_installexamples.
> I've left dh_installexamples because I am still in the process of
> working with Gerrit Pape, maintainer/author of the runit package,
> about getting some examples in there to integrate with runit for
> providing user service instead of system-wide. You're right, though, I
> should review all of those again.

>   Matthijs> Advice: Take a look at dh_install. You then can specify
>   Matthijs> which files you want to install and where. (I see a rm
>   Matthijs> $(CURDIR)/debian/usr/bin/mcron and then you install it in
>   Matthijs> usr/sbin/)
> I wanted to use dh_install but dh_install cannot rename files; that
> was the real purpose there. The upstream makefile installs the cron
> replacement program in usr/bin/cron with strange permissions and it
> was easier to just delete it and use the install program than call mv
> and use chmod. Note that I am rm'ing "cron" not "mcron".
Ah, ok, I didn't see that.

>   Matthijs> Would be a nice program to see in debian.
> Thanks very much for your suggestions. Please tell me what version of
> pbuilder and the rest of your setup so that I can figure this out
> more.

Well, an up to date unstable system.


Matthijs Mohlmann

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