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Re: include in mentors faq? Re: DFSG compliant packages (Solution)

On Sun, Oct 02, 2005 at 12:08:07AM +0200, Ghe Rivero wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Justin Pryzby wrote:
> > This is great!  I can't think of any improvements right now; surely
> > someone will need it to be generalized, though :)
> 	i will do it on the next days...
> > Hope it gets saved for later (at least its archived!); maybe Matt
> > could link to it?
> 	Just a minor question. When updated a package, ths script is copied ti
> the new debian dir, but the execution permission is removed. I know is
> just a minimal issue, but anyway to don't need to chmod +x on before
> every update...
You can call it as sh ./debian/script, too.  Otherwise you need to
chmod +x it (or chmod +x ./debian/scripts/* if there are many of
them).  (Have I interpretted your questioned correctly?)

> 	Another one, it depends on some tools, like rpm2cpio to updated
> properly. Should those tools be included as a dependecies on the control
> file? It's not build time or a runtime depencie, Any filed to an
> update-dependencie? :)
It has to be a dependency of the new version of the package; this is
policy 7.2:

  The `Depends' field should also be used if the `postinst',
  `prerm' or `postrm' scripts require the package to be present in
  order to run.  Note, however, that the `postrm' cannot rely on
  any non-essential packages to be present during the `purge'

Clear skies,

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