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Re: Re: debian/rules: create folder into deb

>debian/rules is just a Makefile. Of you understand Makefile syntax,
>that is all you need. Basically, you can place your file somewhere in
>the debian/ directory. Then after the call to dh_installdirs (I think)
>you can use a simple mv command to move your file to the desired

No am sorry but that did not work.
You see it seems like Tasksel is checking if there is some packages located in that folder before my mv command is executed.
Because since during the dpkg-buildpackage command the systems print out the following msg:
test: test-list is not a valid package

(my package is named test-list, and my taks is 'test')

So my deb still don't contain any ./usr/lib/tasksel/packages/test-list file... :/

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