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Guile site scheme directory, guidance please

I am attempting to build a package (mcron, #331039) that installs a
library into the guile site scheme directory. It retrieves this value
using the guile package's autoconf macro GUILE_SITE_DIR which
eventually returns "`guile-1.6-config info pkgdatadir`/site",
resolving to /usr/share/guile/site. The problem is that this path is
then included in the makefiles during installation, it attempts to
write files to that directory directly instead of using $prefix.

The only other packages I could find that install anything into
/usr/share/guile/site (using apt-file) are g-wrap and guile-lib and
neither of them uses the autoconf macro. guile-lib does not use
autoconf (instead using a large system of its own makefiles) and
g-wrap, while using autoconf, elects not to use the GUILE_SITE_DIR
macro and instead uses the value of $(datadir)/guile/site. Looking at
these alternatives, I think the GUILE_SITE_DIR macro is the proper way
to build the software since if guile was compiled for a different
path, and I believe it will be in the future since these files seem to
belong in a lib directory similarly to the transition that happened
with python.

How should I proceed with this package? The python policy enumerates
the search paths but there is no such policy definition for guile. I
could modify the configure.ac to accept an argument in place of the
result of the macro and then call guile-1.6-config in my rules script
and install manually... but I'd like to hear any other suggestions.

Thanks very much,
  David D. Smith
A man without doubt is a monster.

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