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Re: RFS: FileZilla3 - GUI ftp client of wxwidgets2.6

On 29-Sep-2005, Paul Wise wrote:
> > >       * debian/manpage.1: that isn't a real manpage, delete it
> > >       or write one
> > 
> > deleted, i think a GUI apps needn't have a manpage

As has been pointed out, all programs in Debian need a manpage.

Even for a GUI program, a good manpage will show me:

  - the NAME section, saying the program name and a one-line

  - the SYNOPSIS, showing the command to invoke and any options or

  - the DESCRIPTION, showing what the program is all about and its
    purpose, how to use it, and so on

  - the OPTIONS section, showing how commandline options will affect
    the behaviour of the program

  - the FILES section, showing me which files are created or used by
    this program

  - the SEE ALSO section, leading me to any other system documentation
    for this program or related programs

  - the AUTHOR section, showing me who wrote the manpage and a contact
    email in case I need to talk about the manpage

Just because a program runs in a GUI mode does not make the above

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