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Re: duplicate library code in a package

On Thu, Sep 29, 2005 at 12:05:10AM -0400, Fran?ois-Denis Gonthier wrote:
> On 28 September 2005 14:07, Justin Pryzby wrote:
> When I make a new upstream package for Erlang, I need to extract the upstream 
> tar.gz file, which is named otp_src_[version].tar.gz, rename the created 
> directory to a Debian friendly name and then make the .orig.tar.gz.
> Does that count as repackaging? If so I'm clueless as to what I should do to 
> avoid that.
Yes.  If the .orig.tar.gz is not identical to the upstream source-ball
available from the location indicated in the copyright (guaranteed by
policy 12.5), then it is considered repackaging.

dpkg-source is intelligent, and can deal with many strange upstream
tarballs.  It doesn't care if the tarball extracts to the wrong
directory name, or extracts to ./, or pretty much anything else.

You might have to rename the upstream directory for the initial
invocation of dh_make, but that it entirely independent from
everything else.


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