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debian/rules: create folder into deb

Perhaps you guys have seen some of my other threads over at debian-boot. They are all related to tasksel, as am trying to add my own tasks for personally use. Am grateful for all the help I have got with tasksel so far. But there is still something I do not understand:

You see I've been trying to make my own deb out of the tasksel 2.24 source.
So I've managed to build a working deb with the dpkg-buildpackage command, but later I found out that I needed to do some more modifications:
When I run the dpkg-buildpackage command, the system make this folder ./debian/tasksel/usr/lib/tasksel/packages
But this folder has no items inside. So I want to add my package-list item into this folder, so my owm packages list is there, "inside" the deb. How can I make so the dpkg-buildpackage will move my list program to that folder?
I've tried to read some documention about debian/rules, but still I can't manage to do what I want to. Hope someone could help me here.

Please let me know if I should post this in the debian-boot list instead, cause am a bit unsure if this is the correct list.

Thank you for any input.
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