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Re: duplicate library code in a package

On Wednesday 28 September 2005 6:36 pm, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> > Don't delete it form the upstream tarball though or your diffs will be
> > huge. Just disable the compilation in the makefiles.
> >
> > Carlo
> An excellent point.  I imagine that it would also be permissible to
> repackage the .orig.tar.gz file so that it is gone from there as well.

? orig.tar.gz should be as it says - the original.

Changes to .org.tar.gz are up to upstream. 

I use conditional builds on my own projects and when I build the tarball from 
CVS on Debian, it does not build a library that exists on Debian. However, 
the tarball is the same as one used to create RPM's on FC3 where the library 
is NOT available and the build uses the internal code.

The upstream tarball and .orig.tar.gz should be as flexible as possible and 
that means keeping the included files in the source but skipping them in the 
build of the binary.

So package-release.i386.deb uses the external library and has a dependency on 
package-release.src.deb includes the internal code and retains the ability to 
use the external one if it is present on the *build* system.


Neil Williams

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