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RFS: kbtin -- A text-based MUD client

Do ITPs get their birthday presents? It would be cruel to have #213361 spend its bday in the cramped, smelly BTS. The last RFS ended in a small flamewar <holy war>with heretics who dared to claim that tinyfugue (tf) is usable...
Right, try to get tf to:
* play a "game" like "dpkg-buildpackage" or "mysql-client"
* understand a similar language as zMud (used by ~70% of Windows players)
* survive a player saying 255 251 86 255 250 86 255 240 on a server
  without full-blown TELNET additions (double 255 on LP): requests for
  criminally insecure protocol extensions like MCCP or MXP are denied
* trigger a message containing color codes
* handle correctly triggers/substitions on messages split on network
  packet boundaries --and-- allow prompts at the same time
</holy war>
(In other words, it's not redundant with other clients in Debian)

The packages are available from mentors.debian.net and from http://angband.pl/debian/kbtin/, and are lin{tian,da} clean.

It would be really nice if I could find a sponsor...

best regards
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