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Re: apt-get remove (including dependancies)

Much more simpler than I thought.
Thanks anyway.

On 8/19/05, Ram Kumar DANGETI <ramkumar.dangeti@gmail.com> wrote:
      Thanks for the reponse. Actually I just build a deb package whose only purpose is to install various packages as a part of dependencies (Depends: tag in control file). So the installation process was fine and I thought it will be good if I can even uninstall all the packages with a single command.
       And as this is related to building deb package, I had to post to this list.
       But anyway, another small issue with updating deb packages. I have some deb packages and I just modified the postinst script for my purpose (by extracting using ar), but as I dont have source package, Iam wondering whether there is any way to rebuild the package from the current package. Any ideas in this regard ?

On 8/19/05, Armin Berres < mailinglisten@online.de> wrote:
Ram Kumar DANGETI wrote:
> Hi,
>       Is there a way to remove a package and all its dependencies ? with
> "apt-get remove" we can remove the base package, but I just want to know
> how we can remove the base package as well as all the dependencies which
> where installed along with this base package.

Use aptitude (from now on) instead of apt-get and you won't have this
problem (but only for packages installed with aptitiude). Aptitude
removes with a package all packages which were only installed to satisfy
the packages dependencies.
If the packages are already installed have a look at debfoster and


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